Schedule of Events (AZ Camp) 

8:30 am Registration Line opens (we will not open early) 

9:00 am  Recruiting Fair for Class of 2025 opens

10:00 am Beginning of Camp Meeting/Guest Coach Intro

10:10am Camp-Wide Dynamic Warm-uo/Run Skills

10:30am Individual Drill Work Period #1

11:15am Camp Wide Water Break-- Kicker/Punter Competition

11:30am Individual Drill Period #2

12:00pm Competitve Drill Session Begins

12:20pm 1 on 1 Competition Begins

12:40pm Group Competition Begins

1:00pm Camp Ends

Tentative Schedules. 

Schedule can change due to weather concerns (heat/rain/etc.), facility accessibility, or other camp safety needs. 

                                Schedule of Events​ (Illinois Camp) 

12:00pm Registration Line Opens (we will not open early)

​12:30pm OPTIONAL Testing will begin on the field. 
               - 40 Yard Dash, 5-10-5 Drill (Pro Agility), Broad Jump
1:45pm    Optional Testing will end. Registration Line will shut down

2:00pm    Beginning of Camp Meeting- Guest Coach Intro

2:10pm    Camp-Wide Dynamic Warm-Up/Run Skills

2:30pm    Individual Drill Work Period #1

3:00pm    Camp Wide Water Break-- Kicker/Punter Competition

3:15pm    Individual Period #2

3:45pm    Competitive Drill Session (position specific)

4:00pm    1 on 1 Competitions Begin

4:30pm    Group Competition Begins

4:55pm    Camp Closing Remarks

5:00pm    Coaches Available for Recruiting Conversations